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An Introductory Guide to Financing for Development

“User Friendly” Version of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda (2015)


NGO Committee on FfD Statement for the 2017 ECOSOC FfD Follow-Up Forum


AVIVA resources shared at FfD Forum side event on Private Financing, 2016:
1. Mobilising Finance to Support the Global Goals – Aviva’s Calls to Action
2. Low Carbon Investment Report – Aviva
3. Measuring Sustainability – Corporate Knights Capital and Aviva
4. Aviva Investors Responsible Investment 2014
5. A Roadmap for Sustainable Capital Markets – Aviva
6. The cost of inaction – The Economist and Aviva – Copy Brief

New primer on financialisation  provides  a good intro to understanding the nature, reasons, and impact of the overall growth of financialisation of our economy. January 2016


Third International Financing for Development Conference
13-16 July, 2015 — Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:
CSO FfD Forum Declaration   13, 14 July
Final outcome document Addis Ababa Action Agenda   15 July

CSO Response Third FfD Failing to Finance Development  16 July


NGO Committee on FfD statement:
“People and Planet First”  NGO FfD Committee 2014
“La Gente y El Planeta Primero”  Comité de ONG DEF 2014
“As Pessoas e o Planeta em Primeiro Lugar” Comité a ONG FPD 2014
“Utamakan Manusia Dan Bumi”  Komite Lsm-Lsm BPP 2014
“Mettre Les Gens et La Planete en Premier”  Comité des ONG FPD 2014
يل التنمية المستدامة يتطلب شجاعة  سياسية لوضع المجتمع و العالم في الأولوية.
لجنة المنظمات الغير الحكومية لت 2014

FfD Talking Points 2014

New School Graduate Students’ Report on Modern Aid Effectiveness May 2014

New School Graduate Students’ PPT on FfD Project May 2014


Debt Cancellation, Sovereign Debt Workout Mechanism, and Principles for Responsible Borrowing and Lending  2013

Debt Relief Talking Points FfD October 2013


New School Graduate Students’ Report on UN Role in Global Economic Governance – May 2012
UN Role in Global Economic Governance 2012.pdf

New School Graduate Students’ Report on UN Role in International Tax Policy – May 2012
UN Role in International Tax Policy 2012.pdf

United Nations General Assembly High Level Thematic Debate
On The State of the World Economy and Finance in 2012
NGO Committee Advocacy Points 17-18 May, 2012

“Promoting sustained, inclusive and equitable economic growth, job creation, productive investment and trade”

1) Steven O’Neil
2) Germaine Price
3) Celine Paramundayil – Cooperatives are tools – oral FFD

“Financing of sustainable development”
1) Kevin Dance Statement on financing sustainable development
2) Patricia Miranda Latindadd en Ecosoc 2012

Side-Events Co-Sponsored by the NGO Committee on FFD
1) People-centred Development – Creating an enabling environment for productive investment and decent jobs
2) Global Economic Governance Side Event flyer _ final


2011 High-Level Dialogue on Financing for Development, 7-8 December 2011
Newsletter for the 2011 High-Level Dialogue on FFD
Bhumika Muchhala TWN, statement at Roundtable 1
Kevin Dance, Statement at Roundtable 1
Summary of Roundtable 2
Summary of Roundtable 3
Kerry Stefancyk Intervention 12.6.11 (1)
John Langmore Global Economic Governance 8Dec11
Germaine Price, Statement at Interactive Dialogue
Global Eco Govce 8Dec11 (1)

CIDSE FfD recommendations Dec11 final
FFD Committee’s CS Statement on FfD GA 2011[1]
FFD Committee’s CS FfD Declaration 2011[1]
Combined Talking Points on FFD – August 2011
FTT – Talking Points for Roundtable, September 2011
Civil society call for UN experts panel Germany
The IMF and the Financial Stability Board
65th Session of the World Bank Group Sept 2011

Civil Society Interventions during 2011 ECOSOC/BWIs Spring Meetings:

  1. Thematic debate 1: “Financial support for development efforts of Least Developed Countries: Development Finance, including innovative mechanisms, aid for trade, and debt relief” Albert Gyan
    Catherine Ferguson – Catherine Ferguson Intervention March 10
    Steven O’Neil – O’Neil-intervention ECOSOC_BWI meeting 2011
  2. Thematic debate 2: “Financial support for development efforts of Middle-Income Countries: Development Cooperation, Trade, Capital Flows, Policy Space and Reserve System”
    Marie Elena Dio – Marie Elena Dio, Intervention March 11
    Germaine Price – Germaine Price Intervention March 10
    Bhumika Muchhala – Bhumika Muchhala, Intervention March 10 Roundtable 2
  3. Thematic debate 3: “Follow-up to 2010 MDG Summit Outcome: Building the Global Partnership for Development, including New Challenges and Emerging Issues”
    Faith Colligan – Faith Colligan Intervention March 10
    Bhumika Muchhala – Bhumika Muchhala, Intervention Roundtable 3, March 11
  4. Thematic Debate 4: “The Role of the UN System in Global Economic Governance”
    Eva Marie Hanfstaengl – Eva Hanfstaengl intervention March 11
    Barry Herman – Barry Herman Intervention March 11
    Kevin Dance – Kevin Dance NGO Intervention Thematic Debate 4 March 11







Brief Summary of the Doha Declaration on Financing for Development


NGO “Position Papers” for the Review Sessions on the Thematic Chapters of Monterrey (Preparation for the Review Conference in Doha, 29 November – 2 December 2008)
14 February 2008 – Chapter 1- Mobilizing domestic financial resources for development
15 February 2008 – Chapter 2: Mobilizing international resources for development
March 2008 – Chapter 5: External Debt
11-12 March 2008 – Chapter 6: Systemic Issues

Talking Points on the Themes of the Monterrey Consensus:

14 February 2008 – Chapter 1- Mobilizing domestic financial resources for development
15 February 2008 – Chapter 2: Mobilizing international resources for development 10-11 March 2008 – Chapter 5: External Debt
FfD NGO Topics


60 Annual Department of Public Information for JPIC

Talking Points on the Themes of 2007 ECOSOC/BWI’s Meeting:
TP RT 1 Good Governance at all levels
TP RT 2 Voice and Participation
TP RT 3 Doha Development Agenda – Trade
TP RT 4 Aid Effectiveness and innovative financing
High-level Dialogue on Financing for Development: List of Civil Society Participants at Roundtables (24 October 2007)


Brief Summary of the Monterrey Consensus on Financing for Development